New 3 hero Roger Lapu Lapu Vexana in mobile legend

Mobile legend is multiplayer online game 5 vs 5 war game like dota.Player of all over the world is playing this amazing game and the character or heros of this game is really awsom.Here in list of heros there are New 3 hero Roger Lapu Lapu Vexana in mobile legend.All are very good in their category with the best build. Here thier price, how much power they have and what  kind of power they have.


New 3 hero Roger Lapu Lapu Vexana in mobile legend

He is a great movement killer and gainer. All his attack decrease enemies speed and his ability is increasing hismovement speed.

Cost of roger is 24000 battle point or 349 diamonds at first 30% discount



In human state,normal attack will decrease enemy movement speed.In wolf state, basic attack will add damage of HP of enemy


Skill 1, shoot two time quickly toward the enemey, first shoot decrease the movement speed of enemy by shooting net and second shoot will dealing high amount of damage of the enemy.

Skill 2, Inceaseself movement speed, if attack in human state, will increase this skill duration time.

Skill 3, Jump toward an enemey and become a wolf, dealing physical damage and decrease enemy movements speed.In wolf state, increase self physical and magic defense, and increase self movement.

In wolf State

Skill 1

Jump toward enemy and attack 3 enemies and enter can not choose mode, killing assist will reduce cooldown of this skill.

Skill 2

Wolf roar, increase self attack speed, if in his visual, got enemy which HP lower than him, will increase his movement speed. If attack in wolf state will increase duration time for this skill.

Skill 3

Charge toward and turn back to human state, and gain a sheild that can absorb damage

Lapu Lapu

New 3 hero Roger Lapu Lapu Vexana in mobile legend

durability 5

Offencse 8

Ability Effects 7

Difficulty 5


New 3 hero Roger Lappu Lappu Vexana in mobile legend

She is Mage with high power ability effects. The following grade is out of 10. Cost of her 32000 battle point or 599 diamonds

durability 4

Offencse  5

Ability Effects 9

Difficulty 6


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