Top 5 reasons to watch Marvels Spider-man: Homecoming(2017)

The most popular Marvel’s superhero and beloved friendly neighbourhood Spider-man is out now in theatres. The wait is over and imdb has released a 8.3/10 rating for Spider-man: Homecoming. Review says it is the best superhero movie of the year but more are to come so we can’t decide it yet. Spider-man has always been the funniest and cool superhero of time. Many series were made along with movies with new suits which tried to show how awesome and kickass he is. Alright, this was a short description now if you are a spidy fan and want to know the top 5 reasons to watch Marvels Spider-man: Homecoming(2017):

1. Because its Tom Holland

Top 5 reasons to watch Marvels Spider-man: Homecoming

Peter Parker a science student who got bitten up by a  radioactive spider and experiences a new level of life. He feels strong with great responsibility and saves the city from bad guys with his super powers. He is young, intelligent and a guy with good sense of humour which would entertain us. And this time its Tom Holland who is casting as Spiderman with his new acts. We have already seen him on Civil War and it was a hit.

2. The Upgraded Suit

As we have seen in comics, series, movies where Spider-man wears a blue suit with red lines which is pretty basic. But this time its a brand new upgraded suit with new look which fits directly to Peter’s body by the press of a button. A spider batch that flies which is in the form of a spider. Has inbuilt AI like Jarvis. Smartwatch to contact on the go and more new technology.

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3. We can’t forget Aunt May


How can we forget Aunt May? The women who supported Peter always. But there is a twist in the movie this time we all have seen the earlier spider movies where Aunt May is an old lady who will hardly live for more 10 years. But in this new movie Aunt May is a hot and a bit young lady which captured the attention of almost ever audience. Don’t know maybe Marvel Studios got to learn that audience prefer young and hot actors.

4. Entry of Tony Stark 

I would say this is the best part. Tony Stark the guy behind the Iron Man suit comes up in the movie and hands over him a new gadgetic spiderman suit with latest technology and a new getup. We all can rely on the production of Stark industry. He tries to help and teach the responsibilities of having superpowers to Peter. Besides, this Tony is a funny yet cool guy with economic power which makes him the best supporting superhero in the movie.

5. New Villian

villain spiderman

Spider-man: Homecoming teases a new super villian this time The Vulture. New Villian means new stunts, new bad games, new strategy to save the city. Now only Spidy knows how to save the city from The Vulture.

So, these are the 5 reasons to watch Marvel’s Spider-man: Homecoming. Drop a comment if you have got more reason to watch it. Also comment if you want to know more about other superhero movie review till then take care.

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