Should you trust nokia and buy the Nokia 6 ?

Nokia, the brand that rests in every individuals heart. Its not only a brand for some it is a sticker of memory that revives the old days when  the default Nokia ringtone plays and it gave an indication that you own a Nokia phone. Well, Nokia had bad days and was sold to Microsoft after the partnership with windows phone manufacturing. But now Nokia is  back again and this time with android OS. Oh yes! you heard it right i said android. After Nokia vanised from the smartphone competition may brands came out and started to rule but still some where we missed Nokia and wished if Nokia could come back and this time with android. The wait is over the father is back again, Nokia.

Nokia released three new android smartphones with the name Nokia3, 5 and 6. Here we will be focussing on Nokia 6 which is the only high end smartphone from Nokia. On July 12,2017 Nokia 6 was on sale in for Rs. 14,999/- which was a mid range pricing but is it worth buying it in this price range? Lets have a look in the new Nokia 6.


Should you trust nokia and buy the Nokia 6
nokia 6 specs

Nokia 6 runs in android 7.0 which is the latest Nougat version. The indian version of this phone is supported by 3GB of RAM and 32Gb of ROM with a 5.5 fhd display 1080 x 1920 pixels with 401 ppi. Powered by 1.4 GHz octa core Qualcom Snapdragon 430 processor which is pretty old and disheartens the customers. It has a full metal body with 3000mAH battery backup where the company claims to have a good battery backup as a less power consumption processor is used. Rear camera had 13 mp and front 8mp which is good. Also has dolby sound compatibility.


Should you trust nokia and buy the Nokia 6
nokia 6

It is sleek stylish and sexy which fits well in the palms of our hand. Cornering gorilla glass with 2.5 curved display. Finger print sensor which works as the home button too….The build quality is so good that its unbreakable and has a strong hold. Looks is premium and it seems like nokia has tried to give it a modified lumia look.




Well in todays market there are lots of android phones that gives good performance in this price. All over nokia has given good performance but due to the old processor there is lack in some high end games and apps. but if you can compromise then grab it.




My opinion
nokia android

So, Should you trust nokia and buy the Nokia 6? Nokia 6 is a good phone and we all can trust on nokia as this brand lies inside our heart. But still in this price range nokia 6 lacks. 430 processor in this price range is not exceptable. Other brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo etc give more specs in lesser then this price range. If you are a die hard fan of nokia then grab it but i would recomend to wait until nokia releases more new phones. The next sale on for nokia 6 is on 23rd August, 2017 and till then more new smartphones with good features will arrive.


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