Jio phone vs nokia 3310 which is best?

After a long period of time finally the jio phone is announced by Mukesh Ambani on 21th july 2017 with lots of amazing offer and services.Now a days, after jio network is arrieved in india the internet usage of india increase significantly and many people who is suufering from data crisis jio removed the thing.By this service of jio in india helps People to explore the internet flowlessly which is restricted by other carrier available in india.In this post we will see the Jio phone vs nokia 3310 which is best for you.

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Today on 24th july a very impressing anounsment are given by Mukesh Ambani which leads the india into next level of using internet. Many people of india till now not able to surf internet due to high cost of smartphone available in the market. So jio is now going to prove a phone which is not an ordinary bar phone. And recenty nokia is also release thier bar phone and people seems much interested to the device.But the thing is that after this jio phone is launch people of india which phone will prefer to buy and fullfil thier needs.

In the range of bar phone, the competetion becoming very high and the best one can stand. So lets see the comparison of these two phone and see which should more fissible to buy as a general customer.

Jio phone vs nokia 3310 which is best

Nokia is a well known company and people are very interest to buy their phones from very old time,nokia recently launches some smartphones and bar phone. The bar phone is nokia 3310 and jio also launch thier phone as jio phone which also a bar phone. Now the point is that does the jio phone can last in this war and does it can saticefy the customer by hardware as well as software.Jio phone has all the facility that a bar phone has like QVGA screen,camera,mp3 and mp4 player,dual sim etc along with that it runs on firefox os,in which jio has implement some extra feature like jioTV,jio cenema,youtube,facebook, and whatsapp will integrat soon.And the best thing it support 4G Volte and jio sim is packed with it. And the price is 1500 only.



On the other hand nokia 3310 has ordinary facility of bar phone like camera,mp3 and mp4 player,dual sim etc And the price of this device is 3310 which is more than double of jio phone.

Now the thing is that which phone will prefered over another.People trust nokia blindly and after sale service is also good but no one knows how jio will provide after sale service.

Finally we can conclude that jio phone will win the battle because of his extra featur that make the device unique but nokia is the brand which never goes away and people will always buy product from Nokia.

please comment down bellow what you thing about these devices.



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