Best site to learn online – Top 3 sites

The Struggle:

Learning stuffs is not always an easy road. Specially when it comes to academic courses. In Colleges or in Universities, depending on the subject and the professor learning can be very comfortable and perceptive. But what if you miss a class or want to learn a concept over again? Well, you can’t go back in time and resume the classes. Also,we may not have that good professor who likes to open up with students and repeat things over and over again. You are lucky enough if you have good friends who got that concept. But, things are not always in your favor. So, let’s learn online.Here are top 3 Best site to learn online…

The Ease of Online Learning:

So, you missed a thing while watching the online module? ¬†No worries, you can repeat it as many times as you want. Want to solve a problem at your own pace? Yes, you can. Want to measure how much you have learnt? You can try the quizzes, or weekly test. Want to make notes, but the professor is speaking too fast. Pause the video, and write it down. You can learn from many tutors. You can also have a verified certificate if you like by paying a fee according to the course. Certificates by many renown global universities. Sounds amazing right? Yes, it is. Well, there are some negative aspects. But, there’s nothing 100% perfect in the world. S0, what can be better than ¬†sitting at your own room or anywhere you want with a internet connection and learn the courses you want.

The 3 Sites are:

1. Edx

top 3 Best site for learn online

Well, this is probably one of the finest site on the web, that provides the most diverse courses. From History of Ancient China, Greek Literature to Robotics, Programming, Bio Medical Engineering and many more. The courses are very well designed, with step by step guidance to the student. Courses here are offered by institutes like MIT, Harvard, TU Delft etc. The site also mentions courses that will be available in the future, so students can be updated.

It also offers some programs to help student learn some skills in a defined topic. Verified certificates can be easily purchased, after successful completion of the course. You can check it here: edX official site.

2. Coursera

This is another wonderful site to feed your learning mind. This site is similar to that of edX, with the interface and the certificate stuffs. This site also offers courses from prominent universities like Georgia Tech, University of London etc. Some courses are very much similar to academic subjects. You can easily connect your facebook id here and learn online, share things. Check it here: Coursera official site.

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3. Unacademy

top 3 Best site for learn online

This site is a little bit different then the rest two. Actually lot more. It is good and recommended for Indian students to learn online. This site is basically free for all. It also offers micro learning, like lessons on small topics. Courses are hosted by normal people who has a willing heart to share knowledge. You can also join here as a tutor or learner. No Institutes are involved directly, so no question of certificates. it’s just free learning. If you are a aspirant of Civil Services Examinations, then you should check this site once. Check it here: Unacademy official site.

If you wanna suggest anything or have a question regarding these sites, you are always welcome to drop a comment below.

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