Top 5 Slipknot Songs

Slipknot, an American heavy metal band that was formed in the late 90’s.  Slipknot is also famous for it’s insanely talented drummer and founder member Joey Jordison and Vocalist Corey Taylor. However Joey left the band in 2013. They are also famous for their clothing style and changing masks. Like the genre, their lyrics are very heavy and penetrating to the truth. They have been nominated for ten Grammy Awards and have won one. Here are the top 5 tracks from Slipknot:

1. Snuff

Well, this song is just awesome. It doesn’t  have their mainstream heavy metal theme but it touches your heart deep down. It is written about how the departure of the beloved burns one inside. Corey sings in agony, regret and about the colors of love.  The lyrics of this track may even make you cry.

2. The Devil In I

As the name suggests, Slipknot in it’s heavy metal form takes this song to another level. This song is gonna sure give you some heavy doses of motivation and will to fight if you are going through a rough time. The Devil in I is about how someone (maybe society, government or anyone willing to exploit) who likes to exploit and break one’s will gonna pay after all if the victim chooses to fight. The video may seem freaky to some people, but it’s Slipknot Baby.

3. Duality

Aaaahh! I love this one. “I push my fingers into my eyes”, this is how it starts. This one goes to the haters. Slipknot created themselves and they were one of the first bands of that took heavy metal to a different style. The sound of drum and Corey’s whispering vocals in between is all awesome.

4. Before I Forget

“I will remember before I forget”. Great song. Tells about how one grows up and the life and situation changes, but not the man inside. I guess it was every Slipknot fan’s  favorite song. This song get me into Slipknot and now I am a die hard fan.

5. Killpop

This is relatively new then the rest. But Slipknot’s signature style is 100% here. With the deep dark lyrics and the sound of hitting the oil drum(as in the video) in the chorus part, who can resist this song from listening twice.

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