Harvard’s CS50 is The Best Place To Learn Programming

Harvard University is one of the oldest Universities which are known for producing ignited minds and talented intellectuals. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts it has been the most sacred & prestigious place for students and professors all over the world. Harvard’s CS50 is a introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming and Harvard’s CS50 is The Best Place To Learn Programming.



CS50, Introduction to Computer Science is a course that builds your programming skill and gives you all round growth of basic knowledge about the computer world. Like, how does a computer works actually, how it stores data, how it takes input from users and produce a needed and correct output. Harvard’s CS50 is widely popular among the globe, among new programming learners. Even Facebook’s creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg came as a guest one day to Harvard’s CS50 ‘s lecture hall.

Harvard's CS50 is The Best Place To Learn Programming
CS50’s Lecture Hall

But Wait! You might be thinking how do I even pursue a programming course in USA ? Do I have to go there and settle for 6 months or something just for one course? Well, no one with a sound brain working perfectly would do such a thing except you are an American and belong to a nearby state.

So the awesomeness comes here. You can pursue this course and have a verified certificate from the Harvard University just by sitting in your cozy room and by giving the mental effort through your PC. Yes Amigos!!! The Key is EDX!!! If you haven’t heard about Edx then it is a organisation or to be precise a website that offers online courses from various prestigious Universities and Institutes around the globe.

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CS50x at EDx :

So Harvard’s CS50 is also there in Edx by the name CS50x. I am also enrolled in this program. It’s been more that two months and I am really making progress. Professor David Malan  is an incredible personality and takes the teaching way to a whole new level. He is quite reasoning and gives logical explanation for everything, so that students can easily understand.

The course is divided into twelve weeks, starting from week 0 to week 11. Week 0 is about Scratch, a software developed by the students of MIT. It gives you a basic idea of programming by graphical representations of program into pictures and animations. The next week is about fundamentals of C language. Week 2 emphasizes on a bit advance C language, and then it goes on. In the later weeks it includes, Python, JavaScript also. The real challenge is the final week. In that week the students have to submit a project that has to be something new and built solely by them. In each week, there is lectures, slides, notes, shorts and walkthroughs to help students solve the problem sets.

After everything has been done correctly and by Harvard’s Cs50’s honesty code you are rewarded with a verified certificate. Sounds amzing isn’t it? Absolutely!! For the certificate one have to pay 90$. That’s not even 6K in Indian rupees. One thing to remember, you can also learn the course without paying any fees. The fees is required only for the verified certificate from Harvard. So, what are you waiting for Check it out here: CS50x on Edx.

This is how the Certificate looks like:

Harvard's CS50 is The Best Place To Learn Programming

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