Yousician The Best Guitar Learning Android App

Everyone loves listening to music. isn’t it? Jazz, Pop, Indie, and so many more genres. Well, some have different tastes too. But when it comes to music and songs somethings are inseparable. That is the instruments.

While many people just listen and enjoy, some like to learn about music too. Such one curiosity is learning to play Guitar. Yousician The Best Guitar Learning Android App gor you. The thought of playing guitar is amazing is’t it. Thinking you will play in college fests, musical nights, in bands etc. all these seem so amazing. Or One can just simply want to play in the bedroom just to sooth his mind. But, learning to play guitar is not as easy as you may think. In the beginning if you are not guided well, it can end up as a frustrating thing to do.

Why Yousician?

So, here coming straight now. Yousician is an Android App, that helps you to learn guitar step by step. To learn an Instrument it is very important that you know the theories too. Yousician covers it all. Some key features

  • First it teaches you how to perfectly hold the guitar and place your fingers.
  • Introduces you with the parts of guitar, and highlights some mistakes of beginners.
  • It has three main stream parts. Such as Lead, Rhythm and the Knowledge Path.
  • The Lead path will make you learn picking, melodies, solos.
  • Rhythm Path is about chords, strumming patterns etc.
  • Knowledge Path is all you need to know as theory.

Yousician The Best Guitar Learning Android App

It’s interface is very helpful. It uses your mic to detect the note played and thus simulates it with the screen. It also shows whether the note was hit perfectly or a bit late and thus helping in timing which is very important in Guitar. The timing along with your playing accuracy asses your level of learning. The Yousician App also lets practice as many time as you want. To have unlimited learning session you can buy the premium package of worth $9.99/month. Download it now from Play Store here, Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele.

Yousician The Best Guitar Learning Android App

You can also learn Bass, Ukulele and Piano in Yousician.

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