Play The Game of Thrones game in Bethesda’s RPG

Play The Game of Thrones game in Bethesda’s RPG. Game of Thrones, a show that needs no introduction. This show might be the most popular series ever and it is loved worldwide. The actors have also become big celebrities. Even HBO’s server was hacked for the sake of leaking GOT episodes.

Sadly, Game of Thrones finally closed its chapter of season 7 yesterday. Now there is two more years left for season 8. If you are a GOT fan then you might be thinking what to do now. Well, you can replay through the episodes, or may even read Martin’s novels to get a closer look on the origin of the show. But what if someone tells you, why don’t you play the GOT game? What??? Yeah you heard right.

Game of Game of Thrones :

If you are a gamer and love playing RPG games then you may be familiar with Fallout and Skyrim franchise. Skyrim is a big name in itself. But, What Skyrim doing here? Well, Skyrim’s creator Bethesda Softworks are secretly working on a Game Of Thrones game. Yes the legendary show. It is really a wonderful  news. Even though the show’s intense story line keeps everyone busy and a normal fan just won’t expect a video game coming; but still it is widely appreciated.

The imaginary world of Westeros of Game of Thrones is just the perfect fantasy land for a RPG. Bethesda has come up with such an wonderful idea and the game can be a superhit.

A NeoGAF user spotted a new listing at Target that was mostly a blank landing page except for one phrase: “Bethesda: Game of Thrones”. The page’s existence implies that a Game of Thrones video game announcement might be imminent, and on top of that, the studio handling the project will be Bethesda. So what we can expect in the game. Who would you play as? The existence of dragons, the army of dead, three eyed raven all this will make it super exciting. Hope they complete the project and soon we can play the Game of Thrones in Bethesda’s RPG.

Play The Game of Thrones game in Bethesda's RPG


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