Bluestacks Android Emulator may harm your PC


Yes, Bluestacks Android Emulator may harm your PC. Emulators are software that run android apps and games on your PC. Such a famous android emulator is Bluestacks. So, you may also consider downloading it in your PC to enjoy some android apps. While is it legal to use even third party emulators, but do consider downloading from official sites.

Well coming to Bluestacks, it is a very common and popular emulator. But maybe it was my third time that I installed it in my PC. Yes, third time. That means I had to uninstall it before. The reason?

The first time I downloaded and installed it to play Clash Of Clans on my PC. Yes, installing, signing in with my Gmail account, everything was okay in the Bluestacks app. It gave me a android tablet kind of feeling in my laptop. Amidst all the fun and excitement I noticed something. My laptop started to become a bit sluggish. Then I minimized the Bluestacks App and opened my browser to check something about it in the internet. Guess What? Chrome was running like I would play Fifa 17 in a pentium series PC with no graphics card. I hope that helped to relate the situation. To clear it all I would like to mention the specs of my PC. I am running a

  • ASUS R558UQ laptop
  • Having 4 GB DDR4 ram
  • Intel core i5, 7th Gen
  • & also connected to net with 1 MBps speed

So, got nothing to blame on the hardware. I have adequate space in my hard disk. Basically, before installing Bluestacks, everything was smooth. It slows down the PC even when not running. I remember now, my roommate once saying “we should not use emulators, I heard that they affect your PC severely”. I guess that’s true.

Now, after so many days forgiving what happened earlier I installed it again. Yeah. Cause I had to check something & my phone’s space was full. This time it even got worse. I uninstalled it as early as possible and searched about it in google. So, I came across this blog named ‘smartnsecure’ where I found this post by the author where he checks the app.While he downloaded the app from the official site, another .exe file named “ThinInstaller_native” got downloaded. He checks thus to ensure that the software is safe and would not perform any malicious activities in the background. What he found out blew my mind.

He started with uploading the executable file of the app to an online virus scanner.

Bluestacks Android Emulator may harm your PC
original ss from the blog, checking the exe file

There he found that it had a threat score of 90 on a scale of 100. WHat he further found out that –

Bluestacks Android Emulator may harm your PC
screenshot of the smartnsecure post

So, guys this is really very important to check software when they lead to some irregularity of your PC. I use my PC most of the time, it’s a crucial part of my daily life. Say for TheFreshPost, my projects, gaming, design and all. Nobody wants that their PC drops performance which happens sometimes this kinds of apps. So, always be aware of these things when downloading things from torrent, or any other site. Even with a good anti virus things can get fishy sometimes. Hope you had a great day!!!!

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