[FIXED] How to fix Counter Strike Global Offensive Problems

Playing Counter Strike Global Offensive or CS GO feels just awesome. The addition of this game to the Counter Strike franchise hiked the number of players by a significant amount. The graphics developed by a great amount also.The game lures every typical gamer. While many people use Steam to play, nosteam  is at the same time very popular. But, downloading a version of this game and playing it on your PC can be a headache sometimes. In this post we discuss How to fix Counter Strike Global Offensive Problems so lets see the problems.

The Problems:
  • One because many version of this game are available
  • After installation it crash on start
  • Shows steam client missing on start
  • Sometimes crash error

(*hint= while downloading from torrent check the comments in the file, to see people saying anything about the game file)


While these problems can occur for various reasons, many blame the recent big windows 10 update. So, here is a list of possible causes-

  • 1st, your CS Go may be blocked by your antivirus fire wall.
  • Some versions of CS Go need update after installation
  • Your monitor resolution couldn’t cope up with the game resolution.
  • Your monitor screen refresh rate is set to 59 hertz.
  • Graphics card settings.
Possible Solutions:

1) For unblocking from firewall, open your anti virus firewall (or windows fire wall if no antivirus is there). Then in the permission list look for “CS GO” and set it allow or grant it.

2) If you are seeing a .dll file missing error or steam client error then you may have a outdated version of the game. After installation if you got two icons of “CS Go” on your desktop then open the one which prompts to a dialogue box. The dialogue box may have texts in Russian, but all you need to do is to click a curved green arrow like this– (**IMPORTANT: firewall must allow CS Go to access the internet first)

How to fix Counter Strike Global Offensive Problems
CS GO updater//green curved arrow//

** The update may take time up to two hours depending on the internet speed and file sizes.


3) If the game opens but crashes on exit with a black screen or just freezes then try these-

  • Check whether your game resolution and your monitor resolution are matching. At least monitor resolution should be greater than or equal to game resolution.
  • Your monitor refresh rate may be set to 59 hertz. To set it to 60 hertz, Open windows Settings>> System >> Display >> Advance Display settings >> Then Click Display Adapter Properties >> Monitor>> change the Screen Refresh Rate from 59 to  60 hertz.
How to fix Counter Strike Global Offensive Problems
Change Screen Refresh Rate
  • Or go to your Graphics Card settings. Whether AMD / Nvidia.  Then enable GPU Scaling and Virtual Super Resolution.
  • Or change the in game video settings to a little bit to low side. like turning off v-sync and anti-aliasing.
  •  Sometimes you may need to Open the game as “Run as Administrator”. or also sometimes check or un-check the run in compatibility mode in CS Go properties.
Run in Compatibility mode and as Admin


This post should help you to play CS Go without any issue. After successful update or correct settings you can join the “server list” button above the green curved arrow. Then select a server with your choice of map and enjoy.

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