How to flash miui rom in mi a1

A new device from xiaomi is here i.e mi A1. And it comes with android one project with a taste of pure stock android. But many people also like miui user interface and the functionalities that provided by miui. So people are searching for How to flash miui rom in mi a1 but wait can you really flash or install sock miui rom on android one device?

Phones which based on Android one they get the software directly from Google itself, so mi a1 also get the software from google not from mi or xiaomi. So Mi or xiaomi do not make any miui rom for mi a1, so there is no official rom for mi a1 is available.


How to flash miui rom in mi a1

But do not lose hope, there is a way of getting miui on mi a1 device. You probably know about custom roms that port from other device and made for another device by XDA developers. So there are also many developers for mi a1 who try their best to port the miui rom for mi a1.

Is Xiaomi Mi A1 bootloader locked?

Yes, this is the question which comes to our mind when we are thinking to flash custom ROMs on our devices. So, yes. Mi A1 also comes with a locked bootloader. So you need to unlock your Mi A1 bootloader first before doing anything in flashing work. Now you already know this device comes with Stock Android so there is no need to take permission from MIUI team to unlock this device.

As stock android roms can be changed for other mi devices, same way miui rom can be port for another device too. You just need to wait some time while they complete their work and provide you with a wonderful miui experience.

But be carefull doing any flashing or installing any rom may cause boot loop so do this if you know what you are doing.

Here is the xda link for mi a1, go to this link and check wether there is any rom is created or not.

Thank you!!!!

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