Data security And its importance in our online activity

In today’s world data security is the most important aspect. Everything connected with internet is having their own data including your social media and your car too; your car can remember your driving position that is your data. Everyone concern about their own data. No one wants to share their data with anyone or no one wants there is being misused by anyone. In today’s day’s internet world we compromise our data as well a security many times while surfing internet or using social media. Internet is an ocean of information and data that are stored on a various server in different places. People are storing their different data like personal and business-oriented data on the internet. But internet not only the ocean of knowledge it is also a good place for bad people like black hat hacker. They hack your data and demand money for that or blackmailed. So we need to secure our data from this blackhat hacker. Data security for a website is the most important thing for them. So all popular secured site like,, twitter, icloud etc is very conscious of their data as they are very trusted site and people of the different country are using them. In this post we discuss about Data security And its importance in our online activity…

There are many case on data hack of many sites and a massive secret information is leaked. Recently Wanna cry ransomware creates a massive data and money loss around the globe. Here are the some biggest data breaches


Date: 2013-14
Impact: 3 billion user accounts

Adult Friend Finder

Date: October 2016
Impact: More than 412.2 million accounts


Date: May 2014
Impact: 145 million users compromised

Heartland Payment Systems

Date: March 2008
Impact: 134 million credit cards exposed through SQL injection to install spyware on Heartland’s data systems.

Sony’s PlayStation Network

Date: April 20, 2011
Impact: 77 million PlayStation Network accounts hacked; estimated losses of $171 million while the site was down for a month.

Home Depot

Date: September 2014
Impact: Theft of credit/debit card information of 56 million customers.

these companies are compromised due to low data security. So it is very important to secure data stored the internet.

Here are the importance of data security on the internet….

Data security And its importance in our online activity

  • The Internet is open to everyone so securing your data prevent unauthorised.
  • Blackhat hackers are always trying to steal your data so it creates a wall between your data and hackers.
  • Securing data not mean to prevent attacks or access it also means to backup your data that can be used in recovery time if something goes wrong
  • Lossing, your data make you or your company vulnerable, it is not about securing your data, it is about securing yourself.


In today’s world data is everywhere and no one wants their data is being misused, so data security is important on internet. There are many ways they can steal and your data and information. By giving phishing links, spam emails, and personal privacy isn’t all that’s at stake; industrial data can also be compromised in the same way. In many cases the company who collect data may choose to abuse the data or sell the data to some who has nefarious intent with it. And Systems in companies collecting data may have data leaks that transmit data to other companies using those systems or they may have exposures that allow hackers to steal customer data from those systems. By using those data they can do anything if they have your credit card data they can use it to take out money from your account and if they have your email they can misused it for phishing to other so data security is the most important aspect on internet so we can serve or access internet without any fear of losing or compromising of our data over internet. Also data security helps us in keep our data over internet in and encrypt method which can may help to reduce the loosing of data in some cases if the data is being loose and if it is in encrypt then it may not then that much useful for others also. In cases of extreme sensitivity, processing data at the point of collection on private hardware rather than shipping it to a remote cloud-based system for processing may be necessary. At the very least, the data needs to be encrypted before being shipped to a cloud-based platform for further processing.

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